Saramatik stands for succinct, creative translations that speak your customers’ language.

We help breathe life into your German advertising campaign with compelling copy.

But what does “Saramatik” mean?

It’s a combination of our two names: Sarah and Magali.

Read on to find out more about us.


Magali Karee

SEO translation and transcreation specialist for EN/FR → DE

I’m someone who likes to cut to the chase, so I’ll skip over the usual story of how languages have always fascinated me—a staple of every translator profile—and about growing up speaking French and German, and will attempt to describe myself in one concise formula. Here goes:

A feel for languages+creativity+SEO knowledge+entrepreneurial mindset = me! Voilà!

I was part of an editorial team for a large German online portal for over a decade. During my time there, I learned how to identify different target groups, develop an appropriate tone of voice for each one, and choose effective content formats. Most of all, though, I was able to watch our search engine optimization gurus at work. With the right keywords, I can make sure that your content not only connects with readers but also ranks high on Google and other search engines. And as someone who used to lead a 40-strong team of editors, I’m familiar with the usual challenges presented by internal corporate communication. 

I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration, both professionally and in my free time. My most recent discovery? Lunchclub, a platform that connects people all over the world for a 1:1 lunch meeting. A great way to network!




Keyword research and search engine optimization for a range of companies – from start-ups to large corporations



Transcreation of advertising banners, whitepapers, guides, case studies, infographics, etc., for one of the world’s top 20 IT companies



Transcreation of product and corporate presentations, press releases, training documentation, etc., for one of the world’s top 20 and one of the top 40 MedTech companies


Online content

Transcreation of website copy, social media content, newsletters, etc., for a European media group



Sarah Di Fausto

Qualified translator (MA Translation Studies) and transcreation specialist
for EN/IT → DE


My name is Sarah Di Fausto, transcreation specialist and enthusiastic globetrotter—in more ways than one! Not only do I love to travel in real life, I’m also constantly traveling around the world of languages. I create German adaptations of Italian and English marketing texts and I’m passionate about delivering convincing copy that captures the essence of your brand.

My childhood was spent close to Rome, where I grew up bilingually with a German mother and an Italian father. After completing my degree at the Faculty of Translation Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germersheim in 2011, I headed to Berlin and spent over three years working as a content and PR expert specializing in apps and games. Immersed in the realm of elves, werewolves, and sorcerers, I got to an insider’s perspective on the gaming industry—and learned how to use language creatively to appeal to different target audiences. 

I started working as a freelancer in 2013. It was a chance for my partner and I to backpack through Australia and Thailand—back before we even knew what a “digital nomad” was! Our travels took us through England, Hungary, Spain, and Portugal before we ended up settling down in the north German city of Hamburg.

As a certified copywriter and transcreation specialist, I love being able to reach into my “bag (or backpack) full of tricks” and draw on the many experiences I had on the road. If one of my clients needs creative copy that invites their target audience to embark on a journey of discovery, I’ve got no shortage of inspiration.




Copywriting and translation of press releases and newsletters for game launches on the German-speaking and Italian market.


Fashion & Beauty

Transcreation of product descriptions, online texts, and campaigns for international mid- and premium segment cosmetic and fashion companies.


Corporate texts

Transcreation and copywriting of advertising material, blog articles, and corporate texts for two of the world’s top 10 tech companies.



Transcreation projects for one of the world’s largest hotel chains as well as an international company offering tours, activities, and excursions.